Taster Programmes

We tailor programmes to meet the specific needs of clients.
The programme examples below give a flavour of the work we can do.

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1-1 Executive and Leadership Coaching:

Executive coaching offers leaders dedicated time to delve into their unique challenges, assess their strengths and effectiveness, navigate wellbeing concerns, and establish goals and actionable strategies for the future. With coaching, you gain a secure and confidential space where an experienced leader acts as a trusted sounding board, providing support and understanding.

1-1 Coaching for HR Professionals:

HR professionals have a tough job co-ordinating the health and wellbeing activities for everyone else, but who’s looking after their wellbeing? We offer HR leaders a listening ear to help identify the biggest challenges and a route to uncovering solutions that will make a lasting impact on wellbeing and engagement individually and across the organisation.

1-1 Coaching and Mentoring Programs for Aspiring/First-time Managers:

Managing for the first time can be isolating – getting to grips with a new role, managing others and trying to find your own management style can be overwhelming, particularly if you are transitioning into a promotion. It can help to share the challenges with an experienced leader who’s worn the t-shirt! 1-1 coaching and mentoring will allow you to gain valuable insights and practical strategies to help develop your confidence as a manager.

Foundations of Effective Management for Aspiring/First-time Managers:

Tailored for aspiring and first-time managers, this comprehensive course equips you with essential management skills, from recruiting and managing your team to designing your leadership blueprint. Immerse yourself in an engaging learning experience with other first-time managers and embrace coaching principles together, enabling you to address real-world challenges, collaborate, and support each other in finding effective solutions. Build a strong foundation for successful management, a new network of like-minded professionals and develop the skills necessary to thrive in your role.

Leadership Accelerator Programme:

Designed for ambitious professionals, this transformative programme empowers you to enhance your strategic thinking, strengthen your leadership capabilities, and lead with purpose and influence. Through immersive experiences, expert guidance, and practical application, you’ll unlock new levels of leadership effectiveness and gain the skills needed to navigate complex challenges with confidence. This programme is a catalyst for personal wellbeing, growth and professional success enabling you to make a lasting impact in your organisation and beyond.

Managing Stress and Wellbeing for Busy Leaders:

Enhance stress management and wellbeing practices with our programme for busy leaders. Discover practical tools to navigate stress, prioritise self-care and achieve work-life balance. Improve focus, resilience, and overall wellbeing for you and your team.

Team Building:

We have lots of ideas to get your teams working together – it’s going to be a whole lot of fun! Whether you need to break down barriers, explore common challenges, find solutions to unique problems or just spending time together away from home or the office – we have lots of great ideas to bring you all together and strengthen team bonds.

Creating a customer-centric experience:

Tapping into our customer insight experience we can help you to understand your customers’ needs, motivations and experiences of your brand. We can either create bespoke research programmes or train your team in how to develop meaningful connections with your customers, stimulating their creative senses to build exceptional products and elevate customer service to give your business the edge.