“Elaine’s leadership style was a perfect blend of being empathetic and nurturing, whilst challenging where needed to stretch my thinking. She supported me throughout my journey to promotion, helping me identify where to focus my efforts and keeping me motivated to achieve my goals.”

Insight Director

“Elaine has supported me so much through coaching helping me to identify and remedy the root causes of stress, challenge my thinking, and empower me to look at situations differently, and it’s made me more empathetic towards people and circumstances.”

Accreditation & Quality Manager


“The coaching sessions I had with Elaine helped me to consider things in a different perspective which allowed me to see I was capable of doing so much more than the limited career box I put myself into.”



“Elaine is a great coach.  She really invests in listening to her client’s concerns and then uses her problem-solving skills to suggest new ways of thinking about problems that otherwise make people feel stuck.”

Strategy Advisor

“Elaine’s support was massively helpful for many reasons. Her calm and logical style encouraged me to open-up and her razor like focus enabled me to reflect on the things that matter the most. Overall, the coaching experience was far more enjoyable than I first expected.”

Strategic Director

Local Authority